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Inkognitiv - Subconscious EP (Blu Saphir Limited 013)

Inkognitiv hails from the Russian Federation, where he makes “intelligent and deep techstep stuff”. As the Brand Manager of Citate Forms, Inkognitiv aims to increase the star power of its artists, developing names throughout Russia and Europe in technicality, skill, and visibility. BLUSLTD013INKOGNITIV – SUBCONSCIOUS EPA. DREAMCATCHERB. ASHRAMC. JUST JIVED. SEDNARELEASE DATE: 27/05/2019Ill Truth 8/10 - Inkognitiv - Ashram (original mix) - "Ashram is the one."Big Bud 7/10 - Inkognitiv - Dreamcatcher (original mix) - "CHUNKY"Zero T. 8/10 - Inkognitiv - Just Jive (original mix) - "Thanks"Script 7/10 - Inkognitiv - Ashram (original mix) - "Really feelihg Ashram...Will deffo play that"Dave ...

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Rafau Etamski - Still / Crazy About You (Blu Saphir 38)

Rafau Etamski is back at Blu Saphir Music Group for yet another release. Following a masterful release on C Recordings, Rafau's mastery of vocal liquid drum 'n bass will keep the crowd (and our family at Blu Saphir) coming back for more.BLUS038: RAFAU ETAMSKIA. STILLB. CRAZY ABOUT YOUPatife - 10/10 (Rafau Etamski - Still) Loved it both tracks. Big up Blu Saphir each everytime.DJ Silver 8/10 (Rafau Etamski - Crazy About You) Very nice....Random Movement - 10/10 (Rafau Etamski - Still) - Well done...

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Rafau Etamski - So Sweet (Cnof Remix) / Have A Good Forever (BLUS037)

Fresh off of a release just a few months ago, Rafau Etamski is back for more with Cnof's remix of So Sweet and Have a Good Forever. Liquified and steppy, Rafau never disappoints. Crowds will eat thisone up like Halloween candy.BLUS037– RAFAU ETAMSKI A. SO SWEET (CNOF REMIX)B. HAVE A GOOD FOREVERSUPPORT BY: DRUMAGICK, BIG BUD, RANDOM MOVEMENTSO SWEET (CNOF REMIX):Russia's Cnof lays down classic drum 'n bass business upon Rafal Etamski's So Sweet. Classic piano sounds and pads fill in the breaks...

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Sequences - Credentials / Protocol (Blu Saphir Limited 012)

Sequences is back with a single on Blu Saphir LTD. Like a warrior ready to step through the confines of a guarded fortress, "Credentials" and "Protocol" deliver even to the most critical of neuroenthusiasts. We're sure Jade, Mefjus, and The Upbeats would eat this one alive.BLUSLTD012 – SEQUENCESA. CREDENTIALSB. PROTOCOLRELEASE DATE: 25.01.2019SUPPORT BY: DANNY WHEELER, MUFFLER, KUMARACHI, JAYBEE, LOGAN D, RANDOM MOVEMENT, EDWARD OBERON,A. CREDENTIALS:Is it just us, or do these tunes ...

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Sequences - Ethos EP - Blu Saphir Limited 011

Sequences hails from the United Kingdom and currently resides in France. Brought up as a DJ slaying such grandiose festivals as Boomtown Fair and Glastonbury. His noted DJ skills took him into the studio in 2015, also ranking a release with Subplate Recordings, just before Jay Rome took note of this talented individual. Sequences also has a slew of collaborations in the works with Ivoree, Sentic Cycle, Envy, and Lao Wei. BLUSLTD011: SEQUENCES – ETHOS EP A. RISKS B. ETHOS C. ARCHITECT D. LEFT ...

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